Danish Specialist Helps With Xbox 360’s Wireless Pa

RTX Telecom today announced that it has been chosen by Microsoft as a development partner for the wireless interface to the game pad for Xbox 360. Microsoft laso boast that they will be the first console manufacturer to ship wireless game pads as standard with its hardware.

The wireless interface solution on Xbox 360 has been defined by Microsoft and optimized by Microsoft and RTX. Under the direction of Microsoft, RTX has also been responsible for some of the hardware development tools and the test equipment supply for the mass production. The wireless interface solution consists of a wireless base module integrated into the Xbox 360 console connecting with up to four wireless game pads that work as user interfaces for playing games. Linking up to four consoles via an Ethernet/LAN connection allows wireless multi-player gaming with 16 players at a time.

With the National Semiconductor ASIC, choosing RTX Telecom for developing the wireless game pad was a natural choice. Few other companies have the ability to meet our specifications and time requirements,” said Richard Lum, Xbox Program Manager, Microsoft. “The RTX engineers have a strong track record in implementing the core wireless technology selected for Xbox 360.”

We are very excited that Microsoft chose RTX Telecom as its development partner. This agreement demonstrates RTX Telecom’s strong position in wireless technology and is leveraging our successful technology platform into new market areas for RTX Telecom,” stated Jorgen Elbaek, President and CEO, RTX Telecom.