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Daily Deal: The Hut have Mass Effect 3 on 360 for a tad over 20 quid

Mass Effect 3 (Xbox 360)
£20.95 at The Hut [add code APRIL20]

Getting a game for a few quid less is always a good feeling, and so is having a regular recurring article on a internet gaming website – here at darkzero we shall endeavor to continue with this regular article, and in turn help you grab a few bargains.

Today’s deal is for Bioware’s conclusion to their epic space drama -which is a game both critically acclaimed and endless debated (because of a supposed less than spectacular ending – that is best not talked about if you have not bought the game yet).

However, the game, as a whole, is supposed to be quite good though.

We loved it here at darkzero, with Nathan commenting “ME3 abides by the running and gunning formula of ME2 with several important changes, making ME3’s combat the most enjoyable of any game in the series” in his review.

Sadly the PS3 version is not available at the same price right now.