Child Of Eden Flower

Daily Deal: Child of Eden available for a fiver at Asda

Child of Eden (Xbox 360)
£5.00 at Asda Direct

Today’s deal is for the Ubisoft published spiritual successor to Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s Rez – Child of Eden.

The game is filled with music from Mizuguchi’s own band (Genki Rockets), contains an amazing Space Whale, and has Kinect options to mess about with – but don’t fret, the game can be played with a controller too.

The game had a good critical reception when released, with many kind comments for a array of sites – although more than a few of those same sites highlighted that the game was very short.

However, seeing as you can now pick it up for £5 – you might not feel so bad if you only get a few hours of enjoyment out of it.