Rayman Origins Vita

Daily Deal: Cheap Rayman Origins preorder at HMV

Rayman Origins – Preorder (3DS)
£14.99 at HMV

Getting a game for a few quid less is always a good feeling, so here at darkzero we shall endeavor to help you with that – now for two days in a row!

Today’s deal is for Ubisoft’s latest Rayman title that hit multiple platforms late last year (to critical acclaim), and is now on the way to 3DS. The game recently dropped to under £15 on 360 and PS3, but HMV are currently offering the upcoming 3DS version for the same price as the long released console versions.

Rayman Origins is set to release on 3DS on 8 June.

darkzero recently reviewed the Vita version (which the 3DS version is based on), giving it a 9.

In his review Dominic remarked the game “delivers precise controls, beautiful graphics, an ear pleasing soundtrack and simply some of the most exciting platforming since the older 2D Mario games.”

That sounds good!