D3 bringing Bangai-O Spirits to Europe


D3Publisher of Europe has today told DarkZeroWebsite of Internet they will be publishing Bangai-O Spirits in Europe this August. If you have not heard of Bangai-O it is a side-scrolling shooter made by Treasure. If you have not heard of Treasure they also made Ikagura. If you have not heard of Ikagura you deserved to be shot in a hail of black and white bullets.

It is an honour to bring a ground-breaking game by a respected developer like Treasure to game enthusiasts,” said D3PE COO Yoji Takenaka. “Bangai-O Spirits contains many key elements that define a truly enjoyable video game — the innovation in both technology and gameplay make this a must-have title for everyone who owns a DS system.

The game will hit stores at a RRP £24.99.