Crytek purchases Free Radical

In a chat with 1UP, Free Radical’s Rob Yescombe has confirmed that the developer, or at least what is left of the developer, has been bought for an undisclosed sum by Crytek, who are most well known for their PC shooters – Far Cry and Crysis.

After seven long weeks of uncertainty, I can confirm that Free Radical is now out of the woods. We’ve been bought by a really, really good company,” Yescombe comments to 1UP “It’s the smoothest deal we’ve ever done. It all went through quickly, efficiently, fantastically…

Yescombe however refused to comment on that fate of TimeSplitters 4, and the other games Free Radical were working on before they went into administration. So, no news yet on if we will see TimeSplitters 4 running on the same engine that was used in Crysis. That would be awesome by the way!