Crytek could be in trouble

After a search of the offices of Crytek (Far Cry developer) the Coburger police have establish that company was found to be in the possession (and using) copies of illegal unregistered software. It is unknown at this point whether this software was used to develop the game Far Cry, if it was used the title may have to be discontinued. The Damage caused by having and using this illegal software could be in excess of £100,000. It is also thought that an ex-employ of the company could have been the one to hint the police in the direction of Crytek

To what extent this will affect the release of the game is unknown at this time, the game could be moved to a new developer to be finalized or if everything is cleared up with Crytek the game could stay with them, another option would be that the game is canned completely (hopefully the latter wont happen).

Spokespeople from Ubisoft and Crytek have given no statement at the time of writing.