Crytek announce CryEngine 3 for PC, consoles and multiple genres


Crytek have announced they will be showcasing their latest “all-in-one game development solution” CryEngine 3, at this year’s GDC Expo (March 25th – 27th) in San Francisco.

They boast that CryEngine 3 will be the first development platform for 360, PS3, MMO, and DX9/DX10 that’s also truly Next-Gen ready – with scalable computations and graphics, tools designed by and for professional developers, and a new Sandbox level editor that will be workable for all major platforms, both current and upcoming.

With CryENGINE 3 we are delivering our best game development technology that enables our clients to achieve their vision on current and future platforms to develop games such as MMOs, action games and more. Our complete game engine solution enables realtime development, ensures teams are able to maximise their own creativity, saves budget and creates greater gaming experiences. Also with our solution developers can start working on their next generation games today.” said Cevat Yerli, CEO & President of Crytek.

CryENGINE 3 is a revolutionary change from our previous PC-only engines – and we’re applying a similar revolution to the service we provide to developers using the software to create extraordinary games. CryENGINE 3 will set the benchmark for complete game engine solutions in performance, and services to game engine licensees and their players. We’ve been preparing a long time for CryENGINE on consoles and we’re confident that Crytek will again amaze developers at GDC.” added Carl Jones, Director of Business Development CryENGINE.