Crystal Quest Now On Live Arcade

Crystal Quest is now available to download via the Xbox Live Marketplace for Xbox Live Arcade. The download comes in at 24.33MB and the full version will set you back 400 Microsoft Points, but of course there is a demo available.

For those interested in achievements and adding to your Gamerscore the following awaits

Crystal Rookie
Score 10,000 points

Crystal Master
Score 1,000,000

Crystal Ninja
Score 10,000,000 or more in one game

Have 30 lives in hand

Have 30 smarts in hand

1,000,000 on first life

Nerves of Steel
1,000,000 points without smarting at standard difficulty level or higher

Destroy 20 nasties with one smart bomb

Marathon Man
Finish wave 60

Avoid mines etc for 20 levels

Treasure Hunt
Collect 30 bonus crystals

Speed Freak
Collect all the crystals and exit the gateway of wave 1 in 5 seconds or less