Crusty Demons Screens & Press Release

Deep Silver has ramped up its Crusty Demons activity by unleashing a flurry of “stunt-sational” new screenshots. Co-published by Deep Silver and Red Mile Entertainment, Crusty Demons – the only game that rewards players for breaking as many bones as possible, and look good doing it – will be released for PlayStation 2 in August 2006.

“Crusty Demons, the game that sticks up two broken fingers at the face of pain, combines brutally realistic extreme moto-X gameplay with stunt action trickery – all played out in free-roaming arenas and tracks. The premise is simple: bust your bones however you like, wherever you like.

Over 100 wince-inducing stunts stand between you and the emergency room, each offering players a unique canvas to express themselves in ways that should come with a public health warning. Hell-raising mayhem only begins to come close to the unhinged exploits of the ‘Crusty Demons of Dirt’ – a real-life lunatic stunt team of moto-X riders heralding from the US.

The game itself sees the Crusty Demons sign a pact with the Devil, who offers them immortality – the ability the crash as many times as they like, and walk away completely unscathed – at the cost of signing over their souls. To avoid spending all eternity with Beelzebub and all his trident-wielding minions the Crusty Demons must win the ‘damnation game’ and entertain him whilst doing so.”


* Score points by bailing and crashing your rider and get bonuses for breaking bones and smashing stuff in the game world
* Full rag-doll simulation on riders and in-game pedestrians during crashes and collisions delivering unique, bloody, and realistic crashes
* Unlock over 100 tricks and killer stunt combos while pulling off comedic poses
* Ride with the Crusty Demons of Dirt, world famous extreme riding stunt team – fully licensed featuring Seth Enslow, Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg, Ronnie Faisst, Kenny “The Cowboy” Bartram, Dan Pastor
* DIY Stunt Crashes – Replay your crashes with full control of camera and playback speed for DIY Crusty movie moments
* Ditch your dirt bike or street bike and drive 10 wacky vehicles including ice cream truck, lawn mower, ATV and mini bikes. There are over 30 varieties of vehicles to choose from proffering mayhem on 2, 3 and 4 Wheels
* 16 levels of gameplay in Single Player mode and six multiplayer levels
* Freeform ‘Sandbox’ missions give players the freedom to play them in any order
* 4 game modes – Story, Freeride, Devil Rush, and Multiplayer delivers a deep gameplay experience
* 7 international locations to trash – Texas, Arizona, New York, Cancun, Amsterdam, Rio and Tokyo

Published by Deep Silver and Red Mile Entertainment and distributed exclusively by Koch Media in Europe. Crusty Demons will be available Autumn 2006. Visit the official Crusty Demon’s website at