Crackdown Fans To Decide Achievements

During to course of Major Nelson’s interview with BIG VIP on his Podcast, it has being revealed that Real Time Worlds will be relying on fans of the game to help them make up the remaining 100 achievement points for Crackdown. Right now the game has only 900 points which can be unlocked by getting all the 43 Achievements available but new rules state that all retail games must contain 1000 points. Because of this Real Time Worlds want the people who play the game to decide what the remaining tasks will be; these extra Achievements will be decided based on what random things people are doing in the game. It is believed the developer will be keeping a eye out on places such as YouTube along with some big internet forums and listening to other online chatter to help them make the decision. Once decided the extra Achievements will be added to the game as free download content via a Marketplace download.