Contra 4 Coming To The DS This Year

Konami has today spoken out to confirmed that a forth edition of the Contra series will be heading to the DS in the USA later this year, the title is been developed by WayForward Technologies. A Euro release date is not known at this point but thankfully importing is an option should the game turn out to be quality.

Konami boast the Contra 4 will bring add expansive levels that take advantage of the DS’ dual screens and bring some new gameplay mechanics, such as a new grappling hook, to proceedings. More new features come with the option for Wi-Fi multiplayer support with two-player Wi-Fi co-op has already confirmed. The story of the game will apparently take place two years after the events of Contra III and place you in control off new mercenaries Mad Dog and Scorpion in an effort to take down a new enemy called Black Viper.