Contact Confirmed For February Release

Rising Star Games has confirmed that it will release Contact, its critically acclaimed RPG for the Nintendo DS on European shore in February in 2007. Martin Defries, COO, Rising Star Games said: “Contact is an amazing title for the DS and we’re hopeful that the extra stock we’ll have available will address the demand for such a unique game. My advice to gamers? Save your money and make contact with Contact just after Christmas.

Contact takes the Role Playing Game genre in an entirely new direction, combining cutting-edge real-time RPG action with an involving and surprising plot. Adding in a helping of enigmatic characterisation and startling self-awareness, Contact fulfils a unique role on a similarly unique platform whilst utilising all that the Nintendo DS has to offer.

Full and intuitive touchscreen controls blend with extensive equipment and character progression features whilst both screens are used throughout – one for the action and one to provide a constant link with the game’s enigmatic prime mover, the ever-present Professor. With a leisurely Wi-Fi island dedicated to multiplayer adventuring rounding off the exhaustive list of features, Contact provides a role-playing package that few can match.