Multi-Console Release Of Call Of Duty 3 Confirmed

Ahead of an E3 debut IGN has confirmed the development of Call of Duty 3, though initial details throw some doubt over the series’ future on the PC. A teaser trailer shows the game in action, revealing the setting to be in the aftermath of Normandy through to the liberation of Paris. The story follows four allied soldiers, which seems to suggest the campaign structure of previous titles has been ditched. Intriguingly the teaser suggests development responsibility has been left with TreyArch, creators of Call of Duty 2: Big Red One and the Spider-Man series; leaving the question: What are Infinity Ward up to?

Earlier in the year Joystiq suggested that Infinity Ward were working on an up-to-date title in the Call of Duty series, entitled Call of Duty: Modern Warfare; however an Activision representative poured doubt over this at the time to TVG. Further stil,l the teaser ended with logos from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, suggesting that Call of Duty 3 will be heading to all next-generation platforms, yet making no reference to a PC platform.

Source: TVG