Condemned Sequel Confirmed For 2008

After a long wait since the end of 2005 Sega have announced that one of the best 360 launch games – Condemned – will be getting a sequel in early 2008, the game will appear on both 360 and PS3. The follow up will go by the catchy name Condemned 2: Bloodshot.

Condemned was commended for bringing a new twist to the survival horror genre by adding some intresting psychological thriller aspects into the mix – it was also a very good game to boot. Anyone that played and finished the original will know that the ending was more than a little confusing so in a effort to tie things up Bloodshot will once again put players in the shoes of Ethan Thomas. This time his main quest will be investigating the disappearance of his old partner which will see him once again be using the firearms and other objects he finds laying around in his environment along with his collection of forensic tools. Sega boast that the game will have a new combat system that allow players to fight both defensively and offensively when needed. It is also believed that the game will also feature a variety of online modes along with some multiplayer deathmatch modes.

It is currently unknown if Monolith will return once again to develop the sequel or if Sega will pass responsibility onto a completely new team.