Darksiders 2 War

Compare Darksiders II with original, not Zelda says creative director

In a chat with ONM, Joe Madureira, the creative director of Darksiders 2, says he hopes his game can stand apart from The Legend Of Zelda this time around – particually Wii U version.

The previous entry in the series, which was released in 2010, drew many comparisons to the Nintendo great, with most of them being positive. We said such things in our review at the time, and then gave the game a glowing 8/10.

I’ll be curious to see who we’re compared to this time, but the only game we want to be compared to is the original Darksiders,” Madureira told ONM. “We want people to say it’s like the first one but 10 times bigger and better.”

Darksiders II is a game where you roam around, fight in dungeons, find a horse and fight monsters, but you never ever dress in green. EVER. Not even jokingly.