Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Reveal Coming

Hungarian PC gaming magazine PC Guru has seemingly got the scoop on the latest game in the Command & Conquer series, and has devoted its whole front page to the latest game in the Red Alert series – Red Alert 3. Be warned though, the news is not 100% confirmed as of yet – as the magazine has not hit shelves – but come Thursday subscribers should be getting thier hands on copies, and scans of the article showcasing the game should make their way onto the internet.

Hopefully the magazine is not trying to pull a fast one to get a few more people to buy it, and their reveal of Red Alert 3 will actually come to pass. It better come to pass as I miss Tanya, in fact I miss Kari Wuhrer. She needs to make a comeback. I am off to watch season one of Sliders now.