Colossal Package for PAL Shadow Launch

To celebrate the eagerly anticipated arrival of the European release of Shadow of the Colossus which will hit shelves later this February, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced that fans of the art-house work of Fumito Ueda and Kenjj Kaido (the creators of the cult classic ICO) are to benefit from unique packaging and exclusive new content on the PAL release.

To celebrate the artistic style and delicacy of Shadow of the Colossus, the PAL version of the game is to be released in special cardboard packaging containing four unique postcards depicting magical moments from the game.

Exclusive content will also be an added bonus for European release as the PAL release comes with exclusive to camera interviews with artistic partners and creative directors Ueda and Kaido-san. Covering the three and a half years in production, the interviews offer fans the chance to understand the heritage of Shadow of the Colossus and to see how this massive production was brought together. In addition the disc comes packed with a full image gallery including unseen concept sketches, in game stills and the original game trailer to cult-classic ICO.