Codies Announce Race Driver For The DS

Make your own tracks[intro]

Codemasters have today announced that they are set to try and fill the small void for some intresting sim-like racing game on the DS by announcing Race Driver: Create & Race for the Nintendo DS – which will ship this summer. The game will let players create their own championship circuits using the DS’ unique features

Using the Nintendo DS stylus, the game’s track editor lets players select and place race track elements, such as hairpin corners, long straights and chicanes, to design unique circuits. Once all the pieces are placed to perfection, players can take to their track.

Codemasters boast that Race Driver has been designed from the ground up for Nintendo DS and lets players thrash the most formidable sports cars through closely-fought races on the world’s most prestigious circuits… from Silverstone and the Nûrburgring to Bathurst. The game also features 25 officially licensed race cars, including the Koenig GT, the AMG Mercedes C Klasse DTM, and the Chevrolet Silverado Truck.

The game will also make use of the Nintendo DS Wi-Fi connection capabilities letting players challenge others to races on the game’s official tracks as well as the circuits of their creation.