Codemasters Will Overlord Your Face Off

Codemasters and Triumph Studios have confirmed development on the action/adventure title Overlord for Xbox 360 and PC which is set for release during summer 2007. The game is described as having black humour with players controlling a character as he strives to become the new Overlord.

Lennart Sas, Director at Triumph Studios said, “Overlord offers a wealth of freedom and allows players to experience classic fantasy like never before. Working with the minions, players can loot and pillage their way through the game’s world or maybe resist the temptations of evil. In Overlord, player choices truly shape the world.”

Barry Jafrato, Senior VP of Brand for Codemasters commented, “Overlord comes loaded with innovative and compelling game mechanics wrapped in a scenario that’s played out with plenty of black humour. We’re delighted to be working with Triumph on the title, bringing something fresh and original to next-generation gamers.

Gremlin-like minions play a key part in the game as they believe the player’s character to be the reincarnation of the old Overlord, and as such they’ll prove indispensable throughout the course of the story