Codemasters say they are making the ‘Best F1 game ever’

Speaking to the Official Xbox Magazine, Executive Producer at Codemasters, Gavin Raeburn said, “We’ve got the best F1 game ever. Literally nothing less will do. F1 games haven’t set the world alight over the last decade and we think that the sport deserves a game which really captures its excitement and glamour.”

Development of F1 2010 is well underway at Codies, using the superb engine and technology seen in the excellent Race Driver: GRID. As we previously reported, only the PSP and Wii versions of the game will be released this year, with the proper HD versions appearing next year, when the F1 Championships are in ‘full swing’.

Raeburn promises to make “the drama and rivalry” of F1 part of the experience, plus the obligatory technical stuff like handling that changes depending on grip levels and weather conditions.

“The online component is as important as the single-player experience,” he added. “Key to this is enabling people to find and play with the right people. If you’re an arcade fan playing F1 online you probably want to play with like-minded players in shorter racers, rather than end up in a hardcore sim session.”