Codemasters Offer Their Top Titles For Free

In an exclusive deal with Gametap, Codemasters have revealed they will be offering some of their top games, including the likes of Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, Clive Barker’s Jericho, DiRT and Overlord, for free! So, that almost sounds to good to be true, there must be a catch, right? Well, yes there is, but it’s a small one, and not as bad as you’d expect. In fact, all you have to do to play the games for free is put up with a few adverts which will pop up here and there, displayed prominently when checking for the games, trying their best to sell you a few products.

As Codemasters further expands in North America, GameTap was an obvious choice in delivering our award-winning content to a new audience,” said Geoff Mulligan, president of publishing, Codemasters Inc. “We have secured retail success and this new partnership with GameTap is the next step to expanding our business through subscription play and ad revenue.

So, if you check the ad-supported section of the Gametap service right now, you will see the games up there. Also, if you are interested the games are also up on the Gametap subscription service if the adverts really are too much for you.

I personally have never used the Gametap service before, is it US only? If not then go grab Overlord right now, it is godly! If it is US only then start to complain as we miss out on yet another great thing.