Codemasters announce FUEL, an open-world racer

Codemasters have today announced they’ve begun production of FUEL, yet another racing game for their library that is a four-letter word. The game will hit PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 sometime during 2009. One of the biggest selling points of the game will be its 16-person multiplayer

FUEL is apparently set in an “alternate present” where our lovely planet has been decimated by the effects of climate change. Oil is now sparse and expensive (even more expensive that it is now!), and people visit earths wastelands with their “grungy home-tuned vehicles” to race other competotors to win fuel. The play area in the game is supposed “the largest environment ever created in race gaming“, boasting a seamless “no-boundaries playfield” covering over 5,000 square miles with a full day-and-night cycle and  many weather effects included

Other cool four letter words that Codemasters have learned over the past few years were GRID and DIRT