Cloverfield game rumoured


The latest edition of the UK version of the Official PlayStation Magazine has remarked that a Cloverfield game could be possible sometime in the future. The comment about the game was found in the rumour section of the magazine, although it should be noted more than a few of the rumours listed there in past issues have later on proven to be fact.

The possibility of a game based on the movie is an interesting one in our opinion, although it would probably need a top-end developer to get the best out of it due to the films unique premise. We can’t see the game having much combat in it either, so the amount of genres the game could be set in very slim.

Maybe a point and click would be the best way to go, or at least keep it adventure based. Something like Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy) might be nice too. A kart racer would be welcome as well!