MS Clamp Down On Multi-Region Live Accounts

Every now and then a download comes along on the Live Marketplace that is only available in certain regions where only that territory can download a certain game, demo or picture pack (if you in to that kind of thing!) – infact the currently US only Video Marketplace is a great example of this. Thankfully there always seem to be a way around it by registering an account with an incorrect territory to see all that is not available for you country. Unfortunately it now seem to many people are using this loophole and it is causing MS some problems – nasty legal problem.

So to save themselves from any number of fines the company has now announced that they will abide stringently by legal rights and will be adding more restrictions by putting tighter filters on the content available on Marketplace. These changes will all take affect from the upcoming Spring Update which will hit very soon.

A post on Gamerscore blog states “As a general policy we try to get global rights to content, but in some cases, it’s not possible because of legal restrictions. In other instances, we have to get legal rights on a country-by-country basis, which unfortunately results with us having content on the service that has to be filtered based on geographical location.