Cheap Xbox Video Store Downloads For Easter


Microsoft currently believe that downloads are the way forward (they have got to pin their hopes on something after HD-DVD died a spectacular death), and because of this are pushing forward with hyping their Xbox Live Video Store. The latest bit of clever marketing sees five titles on the store being made available at a discount for Easter.

Beginning tomorrow morning at midnight, and lasting for 24 hours, Transformers, Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix, Naked Gun 2&1/2: The Smell of Fear, Swordfish and 1408 will all be available from 100 Points (£.85 / €1.20). The HD versions will probably cost a bit more, but MS has not told us anything about that yet.

Should you chose to download any of the films tomorrow to take advantage of the sale then they will stay on your hard drive for two weeks after downloading, but once you hit play you only have 24 hours to watch the movie before something terrible happens.