Charlie Brooker possibly making brilliant TV show about video games


A quick introductory explanation for the ill-informed – Charlie Brooker used to work as a freelance games journo, earning respect and notoriety mainly in PCZone – respect for his reviews, and notoriety for his brilliant comic strips and comedy features, the most infamous of which*  meant he wasn’t to get much work from Future Publishing ever again.

Fast-forward ten years and he’s sitting on the board at a TV company, and making his own shows for BBC4 – most notably Screenwipe, a show that brilliantly exposed the inner workings of television, and more recently Newswipe, which did pretty much the same thing but focused on how all TV journalists are massive, lying shits. Both shows were funny, interesting and depressing in equal measure; drifting effortlessly between jokes about poo and bumholes, to explaining why the news coverage of the recent G20 protests was an absolute atrocity. And now, Brooker has just posted the following on his Twitter account:

Worst video game bosses ever? Email yr suggestions to gameswipe at zeppotron dot com. Make what you will of that email address.”

Gameswipe, boys. Gameswipe. Obviously, details are scant at the moment. It might not even be real, yet. But if it is, we’re in for quite a treat. Oh, and I’m e-mailing them about the end boss from Viking: Battle For Asgard. Who’s with me?

*(an ‘advert’ for the Cruelty Zoo, where kids could maim real animals instead of taking out their rage on video games)