Chair License Unreal Engine 3 For XBLA Title

The brilliantly named Chair Entertainment has signed a deal with Epic Games to license the Unreal Engine for use in their upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title, Undertow. Chair has also announced that will also use the engine in other Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC games to be developed in the future. Chair boast that Undertow, a shooter takes place entirely underwater, will consist of 15 level campaign and multiplayer support for 16 players. Interestingly all of this is housed within 50MB which seems like a fantastic achievement by the developer!

The versatility and technological advantages provided by the Unreal Engine 3 have determined it to be our exclusive choice of technology for next-generation development,” commented Geremy Mustard, technical director for the studio.

We love working with cool independent studios like Chair that are truly focused on delivering value to gamers and creating experiences that break new boundaries in gameplay and creativity,” said the always highly quotable Mark Rein, VP of Epic Games.