CCP announce EVE Online First Person Shooter

dust514_newsCCP – the company behind the rapidly growing MMO EVE Online – have finally lifted the lid on the Dust 514 trademark that has had fans speculating for a fair while.

Set within the EVE universe, Dust 514 will be a first person shooter that takes place on the surface of the planets within EVE. Making use of both standard FPS gameplay and RTS mechanics, Dust is said to interact directly with the MMO, although it’s not been revealed how exactly. More importantly is news that Dust is also set to make an appearance on consoles, which will hopefully get more gamers interested in the RPG aspect of the universe, which we raved about in our EVE online Apocrypha review.

More details for Dust 514 will be given at this years EVE fan-fest in October. Until then, go and download the free trial of EVE Online and find out what all the fuss is about.