C&C The First Decade Patch 1.01 Released!

Today we’ve received good news for C&C fans who have experienced some trouble with The First Decade pack. EA’s Aaron “Apoc” Kaufman today announced that an official patch (1.01) is now available. A 3rd party community workaround has already been released but having an official patch sets most people’s mind at rest.

The patch is only 408 KB in size and fixes the problem of missing movies from Covert Ops, Red Alert 1, and the Red Alert expansion packs.

Get the patch here!

Apoc has additionally confirmed that future patches are forthcoming to fix, amongst other things:

– Missing music tracks
– Missing/Invalid Registry entries for C&C and Red Alert 1
– The “Dino Missions” (aka C&C Funpark)

We can’t wait!