Casino Royale Confirmation Emails Sent Out

For those still worrying about getting their free Casino Royale Blu-ray from Sony for being one of the first – well the first 500,000 – to register on PSN then you can now stop the panicking and click your way into your email account where an confirmation email should be waiting for you. If it is not there… then panic!

The email states that “Being one of the first to register you have qualified for a free Blu-ray Disc of Casino Royale. We will aim to deliver your disc within 45 days of a qualifying registration on the Playstation Network… Please note that during registration on Playstation Network, you will have been asked for a valid home address during the process so that the Blu-ray Disc can be delivered to you.” So, if did not mess about and registered with your correct postal address then a disc should reach you sometime between mid April and early May.

The contents of the email should look something like this: