Card Hunter reveals its hand with Steam release

Blue Manchu has announced that the once browser exclusive Card Hunter is available for Window and Mac on Valve’s Steam platform, as Jonathan Chey,co-founder of Blue Manchu games, said “right now, sooner than many expected.”

A host of new features and content are included to celebrate the launch, such as a new co-operative gameplay, a brand new expansion, Expedition to the Sky Citadel, featuring a rebellious computer Cardotron 2000, a perfect Game Master from corner to corner of its magnificent 4K of RAM. Cardotron 2000 has no intention of manipulating the game to ensure its army of mutants and uncontrollable robots take over the land of Cardhuntria.

To celebrate the launch, Cardotron 2000 has hacked the Card Hunter servers to ensure a steady supply of human flesh for its army to consume, by offering add-on bundles at never-before-seen discounted prices:

  • Basic Edition bundle (adds new Treasure Hunt adventures, club membership, extra figures and in-game currency) – $19.99, discounted from $25.
  • Attack of the Artifacts expansion bundle – $12.99, discounted from $15.
  • Expedition to the Sky Citadel expansion bundle – launching at the same discounted price, $12.99.

Card Hunter remains free-to-play with the same extensive campaign content, competitive multiplayer and now co-operative features that have been enjoyed by some 500,000 players to date. Card Hunter can downloaded here.