Capcom porting Gamecube Resi’s to Wii


To go along with the new game in the Chronicles light-gun series, Capcom have revealed they will be porting the Gamecube Resident Evil games – namely Resident Evil and Resident Evil Zero to Wii. In North America they will be sold with Resident Evil Classics branding at a price of $29.99 each. No fixed price for Europe yet, unless we’ve missed something.

The games will not be just direct ports, and will have Wiimote controls added. Don’t expect blown Resi 4 style changes though, as the games will still have pre-rendered backgrounds, and the controls that are slightly worse than the already bad controls the current Resident Evil’s have

This is good news, especially for the guy that does the “Resident Evvvvvvvil” voice at the start of each game. He needs more work