Resident Evil 6 Leon

Capcom locking away Resi 6 Mercenaries Maps in the US as retailer preorder exclusives

Capcom have announced they will be offering exclusive preorder content for Resident Evil 6 for those who choose to preorder the game in the US.

The content will be exclusive Mercenaries Mode maps. They have made no comment on UK/Euro exclusives as of yet.

The Catacombs will be available exclusively at Gamestop with pre-order of Resident Evil 6. Capcom comments “There are more than just enemies lurking in these catacombs. Be weary of booby traps ready to ensnare you around every corner! Are your reflexes quick enough to avoid them?”

High Seas Fortress will be available exclusively at Capcom describe High Seas Fortress as “An expansive stage that takes you from the deck of an aircraft carrier to the hangars inside. Engage in intense shoot-outs on the deck, but hone your martial arts skills inside the narrow confines of the hangers.

Finally, Capcom reveal Rail Yard will be available exclusively at Best Buy. They describe Rail Yard as “A multi-level stage in the steel and concrete confines of a railroad yard. Enemies are lurking everywhere, from inside the trains to the roof of the yard. You’ll have to stay on the move to stay alive!

Like Resident Evil 5, Mercenaries in RE6 will have online co op options. Capcom have not yet spoken about the possibility of breaking up the userbase by having a collection of separate maps available from day one.