Capcom Bringing Resident Evil Zero To Wii

The latest issue of Famitsu reveals that Capcom are planning to release an updated version of Resident Evil Zero for the Wii during the course of this summer in Japan – under the name Biohazard 0 of course. The game will most likely make its way to the US and Europe soon thereafter, however nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Just like the Wii version of Resident Evil 4 the game will see little changes from its predecessor and play similarly to its Gamecube counterpart – to the extent of almost been a port. However, specific areas of the game will apparently be updated to be played with the Wiimote, so there may be a small reason for Resi fans to pick up the game again. The magazine also reveals that the games main characters will still be Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen, and that no extra modes have been revealed for the game as of yet.

We wonder will the game see sales similar to the updated Wii version of RE4? It’s unlikely in our opinion unless they make a few significant changes to the game. We’ll admit a Wii version of God Hand would have been more welcome as well.