Capcom announces Viewtiful Joe 2 for GC, PS2

Last year, one of the most acclaimed GameCube exclusives was Capcom’s cartoon-style beat-’em-up, Viewtiful Joe. Today, the publisher announced the game’s sequel, Viewtiful Joe 2, will also be available for the PlayStation 2 when it is released this coming winter. Capcom also released the first images from the cel-shaded title.

Like the original, Viewtiful Joe 2 will feature a mix of 2D and 3D action. Returning are Joe, the film-geek-turned-superhero, and his girlfriend Silvia, who is now a superheroine herself. Both characters will be playable from the beginning of the game.

Besides having 40 new types of enemies, the sequel will also span several new environments, including a jungle, underground ruins, ancient Japan, snowy mountains and outer space. Joe’s Six Machine will get new transformational powers that will let it turn into a racer, cannon, drill or submarine during different stages of the game. The caped hero will also receive a new VFX power, “Replay,” which will let him triple the effect of attacks or power-ups.

“With new visual effects, enemies and challenges, Joe and Silvia are ready to take on an all new Viewtiful adventure,” said Capcom’s director of marketing.