Cannon Fodder Returning To PSP In 2007

Codemasters today announced that its much loved tactical combat game of yesteryear – Cannon Fodder is set for to make a return to PSP sometime in spring 2007. The game promises all fun and good times of the 16-bit original players controller their soldiers, both individually and as a group, on-foot and in vehicles across a huge range of missions.

As you can see the game supports a brand visual style (one which we have not quite grown fond of yet). Other changes for the PSP version brings is the ability to call in air strikes and perform radar sweeps, alongside a huge arsenal of new weapons, including flamethrowers and sniper rifles.

IGN report that your movements on the battlefield will be reported live by the new FTV channel, offering a better view of the action. Cannon Fodder PSP will also offer four-player link play with deathmatch and co-op modes.