Camelot developing for PC – Yahoo?

For the oblivious, Camelot Software Planning is the renowned “Columbus” developer of Golden Sun, Hot Shots Golf, and more recently Mario sports titles such as Mario Golf (Review) and Mario Tennis (Review). In other words, the company’s been primarily developing for Nintendo platforms as of late.

However, those tendencies seem to be shifting entirely to a partnership with Eleven-Up Inc. and Yahoo! Japan towards a service called “G-Planet”. Reportedly, the main goal of the project is to create an online gaming environment where all (even those not entirely computer adept) can comfortably and enjoyably play. Camelot’s first title for the online service will be Golf Daisuki: I Love Golf. After the renowned success of both Hot Shots Golf and Mario Golf, we can only expect the title to be of the same amazing quality.

Nintendo fans might be a little upset over the news as a Golden Sun title was rumoured to be in development for the Wii, but as always, it’s usually best for a company to make an official statement on the matter before anything is official – that being cancellation of the title, or even its existence to begin with.