Calling All Cars PSP Bound

A recent issue of PSP – The Official Guidebook, whatever the hell that is, possibly the worlds 13th most prominent PSP magazine, has revealed that a new version of Calling All Cars will be evading its way, at high-speed, to the PSP. Little to no details are known about the PSP version of the game but it should be expected the game will have online Wi-fi modes, as the main draw of the PSN release was its multiplayer options. Also, seeing as the title retailed for £4.99/€7.99 on PSN, it should be interesting to see what the developers, whoever they are, do to make the game a worthwhile buy if they release it on a UMD.

Finally, what happens with the game, make sure you say loads of nice thing about it. You don’t want to make David Jaffe getting mad all over again, do you?