Call Of Duty PC Multiplayer Update Released

Activision and Infinity Ward today announced the release of a robust Windows PC update for the hit sequel Call of Duty 2 that includes PunkBuster anti-cheat software, as well as two new, highly-anticipated multiplayer maps. The developer also plans to provide MOD tools in the coming weeks that will empower fans to create new single player missions and multiplayer maps. The PC Patch download is currently available at

We’re excited to deliver today’s PC download to our ardent Call of Duty 2 fans,” said Grant Collier, president, Infinity Ward. “We recognize the level of enthusiasm that our fans have for the Call of Duty 2 experience, which is why it’s important to us to continue providing the content and tools that continue to deliver the type of Call of Duty action gamers crave.

As previously revealed, the two new multiplayer maps are Rhine and the longtime community favorite Harbor, from the original Call of Duty. Infinity Ward confirmed the PC game modification tools were being finalized and would be released shortly. The industrial-strength tools will feature Radiant, as well as Maya plug-ins, allowing users to create their own single player and multiplayer Call of Duty 2 maps and missions.