Call Of Duty 2 Gets Updated

Infinity Ward and Activision today announced that a single-player update for their World War II title, Call of Duty 2, is now available. For those that fear they may not be able to update then throw all fear aside as the update is automatic, so when you sign into Xbox Live with Call of Duty 2, you will be prompted to download the update without any bother needed on your part.

Now for the bad news, the update is for the single-player game only which means that most of the multiplayer aspect that people have complained about remain untouched. Infinity Ward and Activision have issued the following statement so I guess we better quote them

Infinity Ward and Activision have issued a Title Update that addresses the player progression loss issues associated with Call of Duty 2 on the Xbox 360. The team is continuing to work on additional updates and we will keep you posted.