Bye Bye Katamari

A few days ago many sites reported that the official Katamari website was being shut down to be re-opened with details on a new game in the Katamari series. Well the site was closed down and is now re-opened but there is no mention of a new Katamari game, instead it displays a goodbye note heralding the shutting of the website and the dissolution of the team behind the series.

It would appear that, at least in the foreseeable, there will be no more games in the franchise (with the last game of the series been the impending Me and My Katamari on PSP releasing later this month). While the Prince may be shelving his magnetic ball for good, the message on the site give gamers who love innovation some hope. It reads: “The Katamari Doctor” (series creator) is working on a new game of a different type. It cautions, however, that there will be no rolling around or making large things.