Buy Zack & Wiki This Friday

Currently neither Nintendo nor Capcom are advertising Zack & Wiki in the UK. They have no print ads running for the game, and they have no TV adverts planned at all. Zack & Wiki may as well not exist according to them, and even though loads of money has been spent in creating the game both seem like they could care less if the game sells or not. It gets worse though, Nintendo’s PR team seem to think the game does not exist either, and very few sites seem to be getting the game for the purpose of review. Because of this you will not see a big influx of reviews this week, which is usually a great way of causing hype thus compelling you to buy the game that weekend. Furthermore, we are sure not one Gamestop in the country has a poster advertisement of the game up, which is just terrible. So, with almost everyone involved in selling the game to you not doing their job we’ll try and do our bit to help.

The sad fact is that there really seems to be no way for any of you to find out Zack & Wiki will be available to buy this Friday, and even though a few of you are following the game it is very easy to forget it is even on the way due to the lack of hype. So, because of all this it’s obviously going to have a hard time selling. Now, we are not crazy, we all know Zack & Wiki will not hit the top of the charts next week, but it would nice to see make some kind of small dent in the Top 40. Or, at the very least, see it sell a borderline respectable amount. So let’s try and make it happen!

You may ask why do we care so much? Well, it’s simple really. Zack & Wiki is one of the first great third party games for Wii, and more importantly one that does not comprise of a pile of bullshit mini-games. Also, it is a game that makes excitingly unique use of the control mechanics the Wii Remote allows, which is something not many companies are doing anymore. You see, Capcom have actually tried to make a good game for Wii, and not pile onto the shovelware bandwagon that the console is becoming. They refused to try to make a quick buck with a low production, low quality game that many others do in hope that they will appeal to the common denominator, and for that Capcom should be rewarded.

If a game like this fails then we will just see more minigames in the future, and the sad realisation is that we’ve already have had enough of them to last a lifetime, even though the Wii is only one year old. Why save Zack & Wiki you may have asked? Well, now you should be asking why not!