Burger King Threatens Kotaku

Burger King has contacted gaming website/blog Kotaku.com ordering them to take down confidential game concepts being considered by Burger King. They say that “[i]The posting displays confidential, proprietary and copyrighted information of our client. It is our belief that Kotaku.com has received these images and the information in the posting from and individual or individuals who are not authorized to disclose the information. This information was disclosed to research participants who were not authorized to make additional disclosures, and in disclosing the information may have violated the intellectual property rights of our client.

Kotaku.com’s continued posting of this information and these images constitutes participation in this infringement, and may subject it to legal action and resulting damages. The purpose of this communication is to demand that you immediately remove the images and text regarding these game concepts[/i]”

Kotaku has refused to take the images down. GO KOTAKU!!!