Bungie reveal more details about Halo 3: Recon

Since yesterday’s announcement of prequel Halo 3: Recon,  Bungie Studios have dropped more details regarding this brand new campaign.

Recon will be a standalone boxed product that will be available to purchase from all your favourite video game retailers, and will not require the original Halo 3 disc to play. Although the possibility of a downloadable version has not been mentioned, it has not been ruled-out either.

The multiplayer content will involve several maps, and include all the Halo 3 features that fans have come to expect such as the Theater for saved films, the Forge editing mode, campaign scoring and four player co-op.

The singleplayer campaign sees the player cast as an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (ODST), who has been tasked with cleaning up the Covenant-infested city of New Mumbasa, and will feature plenty of dark nighttime play. The story begins just after the Prophet of Regret disappears through a Slipspace portal en route to Delta Halo, with Master Chief & Friends in hot pursuit. The portal’s closure destroys the city of New Mombasa which then presumably prompts the UNSC to call in your character.

As you’re no longer playing as a souped-up Spartan soldier, you will understandably be more vunerable, which will force you to plan and execute your battles differently. No more leaping twelve feet into the air followed by punching a Brute in the face, then?

Recon will include the total 1000 Gamerscore to be had, and will apparently have a different aesthetic to Halo 3, although it will still be recognisably part of the same universe. Also, it WILL be a first-person shooter.

Halo 3: Recon has a tentative release date of ‘Fall 2009’. Bungie have said that they don’t view this as a full game release however. What that might mean for the title’s pricing has yet to be determined.