Bungie Reveal More About Halo 3 Multiplayer

In an effort to get the information out of the way, possibly before they open floodgates at E3, Bungie have updated their official website to reveal two new maps, a vehicle, and some new amour options for Halo 3. First of for the new announcement is a map that goes under the name Last Resort. Bungie have called it a “spirited remake” of the old Zanzibar map from Halo 2 as it looks quite familiar but adds a larger walkway and a bigger interior section to proceedings to mix things up a bit. Next is a map called Epitaph which apparently takes place inside on multiple levels. Bungie reveal it has undergone several revisions throughout development but refuse to go in-depth on the matter

Bungie have also revealed that Halo 3 will boast many unlockable amour skins which will be usable only in multiplayer along with the announcement of a Brute Chopper vehicle for the Spartans – featuring four big hulking cannons and boasting a top speed of 75 mph.