Bungie Offer Update On Halo 3 At Retail

Over on their forums Bungie have offer an update about the possibility of Halo been out in the wild, and been already shipped to retail. In relation to the person that was seen playing on Xbox Live they commented that “We don’t know who REDDOGG is… he could be MS, it may even be someone at Bungie who is out of the office and grabbed a disc.” They then go on to say that right now they know a few people have legitimate copies of the game but they stress that “these people are not supposed to be playing the game on Xbox LIVE.

When talking about the photos they say that “No actual copies are available to any retailers yet. The photos that surfaced earlier were EMPTY promotional/pre-order copies of the game. Many retailers have had these for a while now. It was a hoax.

Finally they warn that people should “seriously be careful where you go online and what you read. There are jerks out there who will stop at nothing to intentionally ruin your day one game experience. Be warned.”