Bully Gets A Teen Rating In America

In an intresting move that is bound to get politicians saying “by gwad wha!” and Jack Thompson gyrating his sensationalistic spewing hips with generic rage we have learned that Bully / Canis Canem Edit (which seems to be the worlds most controversial title) has received a “T”, Teen rating from the ESRB. Remember this is a game that good ole JT once described as a “Columbine simulator

According to the ESRB’s official ratings guide, “Titles rated T have content that may be suitable for ages 13 and older.” This also means that anyone aged thirteen and over will be able to easily pick up the game with any hassle. The ERSB are usually very stringent in there review of games so this rating leads us to believe the game may not be as violent as the huge media circus has made the game out to be.

Maybe the game is not bad enough to destroy our youth as most thought so now what will Jack Thompson do with so much time on his hands? Stay with DZ for news on his personal life! (the last sentence is a lie).