Brutal Legend’s legal troubles are over


Brutal Legend’s chances of getting released this year were looking uncertain after Activision sued developers Double Fine, claiming that they still owned the publishing rights to the game.

Double Fine responded with a counter-suit claiming that Activision terminated its agreement to release the heavy-metal inspired game after a failed attempt to make it part of the company’s lucrative Guitar Hero franchise. Double Fine claimed Activision is trying to stop the release of Brutal Legend in an attempt to ‘protect’ Guitar Hero.

A ruling in court was set to be made yesterday, with Activision’s lawyers all set to argue a case for why the game shouldn’t be released, but it seems that the mega-publisher saw some sense, and instead have reached an out-of-court settlement with Double Fine.

The specific details of the settlement have not been released, but now nothing stands in the way of Brutal Legend rocking our socks off come 16th October.