BroadbandNow! World’s first paperless consumer mag

The world’s first paperless consumer magazine

Future taps into new arena with interactive entertainment magazine

25 May 2004 – Future Publishing today announces the launch of a brand new consumer magazine format with digital entertainment magazine, BroadbandNow!

BroadbandNow! is the world’s first paperless consumer magazine and will have six issues between now and the end of 2004.

Aimed at web-savvy consumers aged 25-55, BroadbandNow! covers a wide array of subject matters from the latest film releases to sport, online gaming, upcoming events, new websites and services and how to get the most from your broadband connection.

Presented in a PDF-based format, BroadbandNow! provides a truly interactive experience, enabling readers to watch as well as read the Editor’s intro, download movie trailers, try out the latest games and discover the benefits of broadband .

Vicki Atkinson is editor of BroadbandNow! Commenting on the release of the new title, she says

“Although plenty of today’s magazines on the UK newsstand have got dedicated websites, the concept of launching a completely paperless consumer magazine that’s only available in digital format is unique. We’re extremely excited to be pioneering this new magazine format and offer readers a publication that is both entertaining and interactive.”

“With substantial Government backing and BT’s aim to roll out broadband to over 99.5% of UK households by 2005*, this is an ideal time to be targeting this new breed of tech-savvy mainstream consumers.”

Highlights of the launch issue of BroadbandNow! include an in-depth feature on the latest Harry Potter movie complete with the trailer, character list and the latest news on the film; everything you need to know about Euro 2004 including a tour of the official site and an exclusive and playable goal scoring game.

Further highlights of the magazine’s first edition are a guide to gambling on the web, the low-down on online gaming, a calendar of upcoming events, details of new websites and broadband services, an introduction to broadband and a test demonstrating the benefits of a hi-speed internet connection.

Available from 26/05/04 the first issue of BroadbandNow! counts 48 pages, retails at 99p and is available for download from

The launch edition of BroadbandNow! is also being distributed free throughout June on the discs of Future Publishing’s digital portfolio reaching an audience in excess of 300,000.